Seattle Seahawks

Draft Day 2.0

(photo courtesy of I don’t know what’s more exciting: The anticipation building up to the NFL Draft, or the actual day of the NFL Draft itself.  There has been more buzz accumulated for this year’s draft, than the season finale of “Empire.” The questions resounding are: Who’s Tampa Bay going to take? Can the […]

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Legion of Boom: Clearly Overrated

(Photo Courtesy of The most hyped NFL secondary of all time has been exposed, devalued, and abused.  The almighty Legion of Boom has transitioned into the paltry Legion of Doom. Just one week after being torched by Desean Jackson for 157 yards, the Legion of Boom (LOB) surrendered 250 yards and two touchdowns to the Cowboys on Sunday; with […]

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Seattle Seahawks: Can’t Stand The Heat

If you can’t take the heat, than get off of Qualcomm Field. The Seattle Seahawks learned that the hard way in a disappointing 30-21 road loss against an impressive Chargers team. The legion of boom turned into the legion of “doom” as the Seahawks secondary surrendered three touchdowns; all to Antonio Gates. In the blistering […]

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