May 22, 2012


A word we’re all familair with.  But what does success really mean? I’ve been giving this some thought the last few weeks.  Many believe that success equates to a nice house, fancy car, and of course a hefty salary.  However the definition of success states; the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.   But this makes me think.  If one were to terminate their own attempt at an endeavor after succeeding then that makes one satisfied.  While I believe satisfaction is good, most of our “wealthy” Americans achieved success through infinite trials of attempts until they reached their respective goal.  And after they reached that goal, there were new goals to accomplish.   I think its fair to say that Donald Trump, Diddy, and Simon Cowell are all successful in their own right.  However the thing that distinguishes them from other professionals is that they’re never satisfied.  Donald, Diddy, and Simon have clearly made enough money to last their lives, but its their unprecendented hunger for more that keeps them among the top of the food chain.

So getting back to success, success can be defined in several different ways because we all have different definitions on what success is.  For example, many would believe Lebron James to be the most acclaimed athlete and successful basketball player that we’ve seen since Jordan. (No disrespect to you Kobe).  For Lebron, however, he does not consider his NBA career a success until he wins the championship.  With that being said Lebron could “terminate his own attempt at that endeavor” once he wins.  But we know Lebron has set out to win not 4, 5, or 6 but many more champioships.

Lets take myself. I graduated cum laude from the top African-American college in the nation cum laude.  Upon completion of my matriculation, I moved to Los Angeles and subsequently had success appearing in various commercials, films, and reality shows.  Friends of mine near and far would view my journey as a success.  And I thinks its far to say that I’ve had success.  But just because I’ve had success, does that make me successful? Absoultely not.  I do not view myself as successful until I become an established television host.  And I’m sure once I reach that goal, there will be many more to achieve.  (Thanks Seacrest for the mentality.)

So how do we define a person’s success? Is it the amount of plaques that hang on their wall? The amount of books they have published? The amount of awards and honors they receive? The amount of money they make? Or the fact that they accomplished their goal and “can terminate any more attempts or endeavors”.  Only you know if you’re successful.

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